Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What's This About?

"To err is you, man!"
As part of my general online presence, I very occasionally print a couple of coding suggestions.

Prompted, in part, by Tim Bray's brief note about 'Beautiful Coding', I thought I'd start gathering these together in one spot.

They won't be anything to set the world abuzz, but there have been times when I've trawled the web looking for how to handle that 'obvious' situation, only to find my brain seems to operate in widely divergent ways to everyone else's.

Of course, this is an affectation: I'm sure there have been others that have asked some of the questions I have. So this is an attempt to answer them.

Now, I'm not sure whether it's better to do this as a blog, or as a wiki. At the time of writing, my thinking is obviously inclined to the former. Plus, it allows the passing traffic to offer the occasional friendly addendum and raspberry (..NB: I did say friendly!)

"Learn from other people's mistakes. It's less embarrassing that way."

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